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From Strategy to Action

We collaborate with you across the entire lifecycle of
Corporate Transformation and Innovation.


We define and implement sustainable, digital transformation agendas & innovation strategies


We design and build digital labs & intrapreneurship programs


We ideate and build sustainable, digital innovation & corporate startups.


We build and train the digital literacy of your workforce.

Excubate- Von der Strategie bis zur Umsetzung

Best of both worlds

We strongly believe that the combination of both outperforms each individually.

Hybrid expertise

Our team combines a pragmatic entrepreneurial mindset with four critical expertise areas.
  • Startup & Exploration Experience
  • Consulting Experience
  • Technology & Digitalization Experience
  • Corporate Experience

Strategy to action

We drive corporate reinvention end-to-end to transform the core and innovate new business

Our clients

Why Excubate

Lucas Josten

Tribe Lead
Magenta Silver
Excubate supported Deutsche Telekom with the development of a new consumer business model and respective product for a senior target group. In only eight weeks, driven by the Excubate team, we built a fully functional prototype and validated it in 70+ customer test sessions, outperforming Deutsche Telekom’s expectations. Moreover, Excubate helped to convince the innovation board to start a subsequent venture building phase, designed the venture ramp-up plan and convinced additional external corporate partners to join the venture. I am impressed by Excubate’s overall speed, effectiveness, and professional approach to product- and venture building and I see Excubate among the top players in this field.

Markus Kroeger

CEO Panion
ABB Corporate Startup Electric Vehicle fleet management
From day one, Excubate shaped and delivered on the project with pragmatism and focus on our mutual goal. The team prioritized the dialogue with customers and market experts early on to develop a customer-centric product vision and go-to-market approach. The daily working mode with the venture team is very hands-on and responsive. We really see each other as one team with a mutual goal, which drives direct and fact-based discussions and much better results.

Sven Siering

Geschäftsführer GmbH
Wir haben mit Excubate gemeinsam verschiedene erfolgsversprechende Geschäftsmodelle erarbeitet. Wir schätzen die Zusammenarbeit mit Excubate sehr, denn sie ist immer geprägt durch eine professionelle Vorgehensweise, passend angewandte Methodik und ökonomische Reflexion. Dabei bleibt der Spaß im Team nie auf der Strecke und unsere Teams gehen mit neuem Mindset und voller Motivation aus den Projekten.

Aikaz Badanian

General Manager & Head of Innovation Hub
Toyota Financial Services Europe
Excubate supported us in setting up our European innovation hub and venture builder from the development of the strategy, through the design of the portfolio management to the venture building process with extensive know-how, tools and best practices. The design of the organisational structure, the role profiles and the subsequent hiring of the initial key roles via their own recruiting process was also outstanding.

Miriam Mertens

Co-Founder & CEO
Excubate Ventures is for us a holistic and pragmatic investor who understands our business and our market. They have a strategic interest in us, which pays off through their experienced advice and not least through the many valuable contacts they have with potential customers.
Erfahrende Strategen

Experienced strategists

We have many years of experience in top management consulting and always work in a highly professional manner.

Precise analysts

We apply an analytical approach with an eye for detail combined with broad expertise in digital innovation and corporate transformation.

Strong team player

We combine start-up, corporate & consulting experience in our team, allowing us to work effectively at all management levels.

Passionate entrepreneurs

We are passionate entrepreneurs, having many years of founding and scaling experience. We know how to turn business models into reality.

The Excubate Team